Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Carbon Price - finally a really simple idea for the........

The idea is so simple that its appeal to politicians is quite understandable 

Gillard has got everyone to agree to an idea - just got to work out whether it works or not .
Nothing wrong with thinking about a tax to influence the use and abuse of diminishing resources .

But there is something seriously wrong with a group of politicians thinking they can do the impossible and change the world with a great big tax
-especially a group of complete marginals ; a track record with water that just doesn't wash  .A love of simplicity instead of a commitment to complexity.
Take a good look at this bunch ; behind Bob Brown is Tony Windsor and beside him is Christine Milne . Independents are over represented ; Rob Oakshott standing behind government leaders who couldn't  be trusted with managing insulation to homes,  let alone our economy.. Rob and Tony are happy to back more committees and more legislation clearly jeopardizing their right to speak for the people. Apparently the latest idea is so simple and "locked in" that even politicians can't fiddle with it .   More like "so simple they all fell for it"
The mood was one of unity - they agreed with us that" it would good to do something about it" which it would " robin hood "  .
But their confidence needs a reality check - who are they and what do they know.  Do the people trust them and should they trust themselves? We don't .I as a competent risk management earth scientist would not even go near them and their short pants advisory crew

You would think the Independents in particular would have researched why the leading exponents of more resources  taxes were tossed out of Victoria -----because their taxes ( and their taxes solve everything attitud e) distort the market in favor of rich people and make the average citizen pay in a very big way for benefits that are highly contentious .