Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Labor is still too worried about the wrong things

The Fabians like to think they have weaned themselves off loopy half Green ideas,  but when it comes to the crunch,  they and their mates still  think negative -big time (reactionary thing?)  They are amongst the worry warriors.  There is jobs in the environment and thinking negatively about it  - As reactionaries , they struggle to be positive and productive.
They take on jobs that are just "takes" drains stuff -  in making  asbestos into new enemy NO1 they may create some cushy new industries but really , the only shame Andrew Leigh in the long term will be yours . Asbestos is , as Malcolm Turnbull says and good greens should know,  a natural product ,  a manageable  risk - not something to make more managers for dealing with it . What a joke - an authority based on no authority . How many unnecessary authorities do  they claim to have created - apart from the new  the ones dealing with our wayward children. No education revolution happening - infact our kids aren't growing up.
Don't do what Worrier warrior Bill ( Do the Math ) did last night on Q&A and talk for scientists when you aren't one . You can turn a serious issue into a farce surrounding YOU . So much for the clever country under Labor and our ABC ( who don't allow debates dominated by scientists -its not a joke!) - all we will get is digging holes and disposal instead of design with nature .

No one should act out of fear or ignorance but Shorten and his mates are doing plenty of that in Parliament today , Sure they  think  they have painted Mr Turnbull into a corner because he likes a glass but doesn't ignore the precious metal , The don't realise it of course , not being scientists ,  they of course are only showing us technoheads are that they are seriously out of their depth - scientist can accept a two horse race , even one allowing for the rank outsider .
Like the Fabians afore them,  if they think at all , they think simply ; its all about their deep faith in progress - they are progressives , the great God of progress and the new will always save them  .Its eoloving of course but that doesn't worry those in church . Glass today , what air tomorrow . Fickle thy name is Fabian.   They seem to ignore the Creator who believes in easy does it ,diversity and cooperation and change mediation , No good economy is a monotony of form and function- even one that's growing .