Sunday, December 4, 2016

The home of reactionaries----- not the home of liberty

How do well intentioned governments get to be so tyrannical ? They get there partly if they have no place for grace in their approach to mercy.  When only control seems to work .When the much hailed false faith in education focus is shown to be not enough.
When the public need to be corralled. When you can no longer see the good in people . When you pretend the governor can change the world by rule alone.

"We should never have had a bill of human rights in Canada. That was an import of French Civil Law over top of English Common Law, and it was a mistake. In English Common Law, you have all the rights there are except those that are expressly forbidden by law. In the French system, you enumerate people's rights – that makes it look like rights are granted to you by the government, and that's not true." --Jordan Peterson