Friday, July 28, 2017

Perhaps this is you -

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Backing solutions that don't work- Evidence of deep seated weaknesses

 Backing solutions that don't work means the party doesn't KNOW what works .

South Australia is about to find its faith in a NEW style of battery backup will be just another expensive fizzer.
How does it get to this ?
Disagree if you like , but I am only posting this to remind you,  many of us who know our stuff on environment and economics  predicted some of the previous failures. As one of a few well qualified water conservationists,  I  tried to stop  the Desal investment  ( see early new millennium)

Please take it from someone who has had to work with the Greens for decades at a political level, they do not do their homework, so why let them spend YOUR money!

Clearly Green Labor  makes these mistakes because it doesn't know their dreams are dead ends till out taxes hit the wall .------------ where are their real practical economists , scientists ?
Beware the common expectation of Progress; progress via new technology ---its sounds good and right but technology is only good if its appropriate  Neither Greens nor Labor  have the competence to know WHEN a  technology is appropriate , so their only option is to sound good and give in to popular predjudice ( "that innovators are sent from heaven") ,,Their only option is to take the only  positive edge even though the road is paved with ignorance of the threats to its success; short term gain long term pain.

The Green political movement is so heavenly minded that the case for any coalition with any other practical political movement is completely flawed .

Greens live, move  and attracts adherents simply because its philosophy is so simple >