Monday, August 23, 2010

Greenlabor unstable- at least the greens are predictable

Graham Richardson ( Qanda) says he's not worried about having lots of Greens in the Senate.
Maybe parliament is a just a game to him ? 
Sure,  it's just the sort of message the country needs to hear.  This unstable alliance has distracted this country to spend its intellectual and tax resources to try and save the world--and nothings changed - we just have to make it look like it has .
Greenlabors  attempts to stop the sky from falling may be commendable in their own eyes, but this heavenly minded stuff is the stuff that has eroded their right to govern  .
No threat,  it seems,  ever worries Richo.
Does he know the commandment to be pure because he obeys it,  or because he knows how not to get caught ? Always ahead of the game,  are we sure he ever played it?
As the only "father figure" in the party ( imagine his King Latham in power ) he will be telling the young keen idealists like Mr Abib to cool off . The greens have enough advocates of love in a hot climate .
And like him,  there is a sort of safety in being infront of the game rather than really engaged in the fray . After all,  you may not find any unity in the fray but you can de agreed aboutface saving to answer the next question.
Winning is everything to some people.  Who cares if your party  is ineffective when you still have the whip hand and you have an answer ready for the next  stuff-up  for the chooks in the press gallery who think you are clever for being one step ahead of your colleagues. Who cares if you gave us Latham - that was last week !  The only punishment polys get for their quickfixes seems to be for their party to lose power .    
What is this cynical observer and next move maker going to do to reduce the fights amongst the flighty birds in chicken little land . Greenlabor is nothing new really,  its just stronger and more obvious than ever as a phenomenon .
Can this now much more obvious alliance survive another feather plucking term in fantasy land . 

Richo talks about the need for purity,  as if its only the Greens that are likely to lose their way. Who was the one who  gave us  Mark Latham.? ( that man whose disgraced this great country with his pure anarchy demonstration last week )  
Labor can't survive without the Greens and we observers all know which part of the alliance has already lost its way  .