Monday, May 16, 2011

Talking crap to win votes

No wonder Lindsay Tanner dropped out - he's got some integrity. Some polys will do anything to stay in power ( maybe even get married ? ). Burke  will talk himself silly about population pressures like Wong did - by placing the good name of science and sustainability next to their own simple watery prejudices and fears ( aligning themselves with the fear driven) . No better than the red necks who would chase people out of the country because of their colour;  at least some people are open about their focus .
 Bob Carr and Kelvin Thompson too,  show where all this hot air on environment comes from ( the cities ) -and how brilliant  it is ; these 2 would know about carrying capacity ( their fear is a danger to their objectivity )  - the city has always been the parasite,  so whose in denial here ? They live in the heat and messed with it for too long to know why Julia is in big trouble now with the nonscience and projection over environment. The Carrs and the Thompsons   have refused to support the proper role of planning  ( not population thats the problem its their lack of planning!)  The NSW environmenet court and Vic Labor water worriers--just big black holes for the unwary - supported by bureaus big enough to rebuild the genuine planned economy of every regional centre in Australia - should they ever get serious about what they are saying .  Bob Brown can't see his way out of it either,  cause he's in the midst of it .      Fearmongers incorporated