Monday, June 27, 2016

The Robin Hood Party has lost its way

Robin hood types can model acceptable forms of justice when governments don't work .They are wrong at other times .
The net effect of the left adopting the methodology for all time  leads them to lead a group of thieves envy prone projectionists ,and reactionaries who by definition don't focus on being productive themselves .
Take thievery and dealing with it 
 Working with delinquent youth for decades i noticed that the percentage of people who attacked others property WITHOUT thinking of the owners wealth was miniscule . "Thankfully" they mostly had "some "sense of the moral .

Symbolically my trailer was stolen in Toorak because the thieves thought " he could afford to replace it " They weren't 'bad" they thought of themselves - they were playing Robin Hood, Doing the right thing - the labor thing???
If only the City ( as you rightly categorize it ) realized that it is wrong to categorize rural people as rich - it encourages such "theivery". Liberal NP voters are not all 'rich"
Our rural friends look after huge assets but we all know few of them get a decent payment for their efforts on behalf of us all Many of mine were up last night on obstetrics duty less than $5 an hour.