Sunday, November 28, 2010

Basket case Coalitions

The day after Victorian Elections; November 28th 2010
Labor is in trouble across the board for signing into coalitions of incompetence . Underneath smart meters , Myki , Desal, Energy policy turnovers and the many big moves of Vic labor are false presumptions of power and direction aided and abetted by incompetence in their ranks . The Greens have some great ideas , but hell breaks lose when good intentions only are what justifies your actions.( no discussion yet of Labor's outrageous idea of picking winners in technology )  The Children should never be left in Charge.

Vic Labor's failure to hold office will set this desperate coalition of the incompetent with the very incompetent on a self destruct course .
Genuine conservationists now  need to insist the major parties get on with the job of making investments in conservation competent ,consistent and reliable .