Sunday, December 4, 2016

The home of reactionaries----- not the home of liberty

How do well intentioned governments get to be so tyrannical ? They get there partly if they have no place for grace in their approach to mercy.  When only control seems to work .When the much hailed false faith in education focus is shown to be not enough.
When the public need to be corralled. When you can no longer see the good in people . When you pretend the governor can change the world by rule alone.

"We should never have had a bill of human rights in Canada. That was an import of French Civil Law over top of English Common Law, and it was a mistake. In English Common Law, you have all the rights there are except those that are expressly forbidden by law. In the French system, you enumerate people's rights – that makes it look like rights are granted to you by the government, and that's not true." --Jordan Peterson

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fearmongers paradise

Nothing more evidently drives modern Labor and their mates, The Greens than ignorance and fear.
The legacy  of Green Labor and their associated sycophants at the  ABC  will be  completely unnecessary but much higher costs for water and energy - and all because of an ignorant, shallow  and idealistic view of the world.
Evil is real and they are shooting , but dey are missing the target.Takes one to know one or it SHOULD  but do greenlabor know themselves ?
. Greenlabor,  as the Wests most prominent heretics, will , till their last breath deny original sin . Adoption of the problem as universal would save them from their untenable unworkable  intellectual position which is in denial of the sources of evil; in denial of the problem of greed guilt blaming and excuse making by themselves. ( projecting into onto others)
We haven't seen the last of it . They have cloned their own ignarants in the public service and composite groups -so we haven't seen the last of it .Some how they can stay there even if the polys can't   Great evil in name of good intention . Our public service, in the environmental area,  spent money and it went down the gurgler-- Permanent unprosecuted ignorance and arrogance - not expertise.  The political parties  could have created real careers in sustainability science - a form of resistance to Sir Humphrey that they have forgotten .Sir Humphrey might be bad but hes not nearly as bad and as permanently bad   as Hacker and his favourite hacks

If Coal is not bad ,cf other fuels and Co2 is a fertilizer their ship is sunk .

If we are really running out of water , energy and cool air , the fearmongers might survive . The reality is that we're not running out of energy or water ( as they thought) and renewables don't provide a cost effective solution and won't for quite a while. The deeper problem is that  though we are are greedy and abusive lot and noone wants to admit it    Nature by the grace of God is somewhat able to cope - being more resilient than many worriers know . If they did know about dangerous degradation ( a really big issue ) they would focus on it. Reason is absent naturally but humans make art form of unnecessary stuff  by being in denial about our own hypocrisy and evil than we admit ( Susan Neiman Telecom 2000 report)

SA are running out of base power and the fanaticism of the climate change worriers means they will keep wasting our taxes destroying what has kept us all warm this long winter ,
God has been trying to tell them they are living in dream land . But they know better . Daniel Andrews and the whole lot  , What gain for all the pain ? We will import power you ignoramuses .
What an ignorant bunch of idealistic hypocrites.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Robin Hood Party has lost its way

Robin hood types can model acceptable forms of justice when governments don't work .They are wrong at other times .
The net effect of the left adopting the methodology for all time  leads them to lead a group of thieves envy prone projectionists ,and reactionaries who by definition don't focus on being productive themselves .
Take thievery and dealing with it 
 Working with delinquent youth for decades i noticed that the percentage of people who attacked others property WITHOUT thinking of the owners wealth was miniscule . "Thankfully" they mostly had "some "sense of the moral .

Symbolically my trailer was stolen in Toorak because the thieves thought " he could afford to replace it " They weren't 'bad" they thought of themselves - they were playing Robin Hood, Doing the right thing - the labor thing???
If only the City ( as you rightly categorize it ) realized that it is wrong to categorize rural people as rich - it encourages such "theivery". Liberal NP voters are not all 'rich"
Our rural friends look after huge assets but we all know few of them get a decent payment for their efforts on behalf of us all Many of mine were up last night on obstetrics duty less than $5 an hour.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ignore the shepherds

Not only do people who graze grass not matter electorally , by bringing up the simple prejudice that "Australia should never have been cleared" .you will get people in the city to vote Labor .

Labor this week have pulled this trick. Hope it backfires .

Such deep hypocrisy in a week when dairy farmers are suffering  a 14 cents a litre price. No one other than Barnaby has the wisdom to suggest "somethings really wrong with the way we think about our environmental managers " ( my words) .

Maybe by ensuring that Farmers own coops were subject to less greed pressures and buyouts the world would actually be a better place . That would mean getting out of their chairs and differing with the monocultural view of how heaven comes - They all believe :::::: Not by diversity alone but by monoculture alone - market pressure alone ,
Sad day watching all the sycophants sitting around with nothing to say in pre election time. Well maybe they offer handouts ---but even the Americans are not going to keep putting up with  that crap

Sadly they don't know what they fear when they follow those who can't see the dynamics of rangelands .who can't see the wood for the trees.  That only ants and higher Carbon dioxide will benefit LONG TERM from their short term view.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Greens show their true colour

Black (QandA Sunday ABC )

Finally, by doing deals with the Liberal party, the Greens show what they really care about. The Greens are about keeping their power; Clearly, they will keep talking in the same old same old nigglingly ignorant way as if only they, the Greens, care about the environment.  

If these self-referencing non experts were serious about environment, they would have called for internships for graduates to study it properly.  Instead of breeding the competence they need to prevent another GreenLabor agreement fiasco,  they just keep running their own talk fests and esoteric demands.
 If the Greens were serious about the environment,  they would be seen to be practical ( they have done nothing to improve this) ; they would have called for less red tape and niggling nonsense by Councils by making sure they had the skills to make,  not avoid,  complex decisions .( huge growing problem)
 If they were serious, and even remotely practical, they would at least talk about gas and nuclear instead of, like Labor, spend all our money on a dumb false hope that more renewables will provide heat for our toasters in the morning. Bit like they all thought we would should one day expect to drink desalinated water
As their power is based on fear, there is no way they can afford to have a proper debate about all the very serious issues they worry themselves silly about.