Monday, June 27, 2011

Hockey does some hacking on qanda

20000 more pS in Canberra since Labor started
If its profitable tax it and if its making lots tax it most ,,,,,,,,,if its not making anything subsidize it

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What will the MPCCC committee come up with ?

Who knows - but whatever it does come up with ; It will be out of this world and bring the house down ( you heard it first on blogger on June 21st 2011) .
I won't here dignify the shatteringly unstable nature of MPCCC 's recommendations when they come out in week or so --with a reason ( Ed Burke would know ) - GreenLabor love to move where angels fear to tread . Easiest way to go there is to not know what you are doing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy answers are for simple people

Our PM Julia Gillard bans live exports of cattle to Indonesia because of a TV program (ABCTV)  showing cruelty by some purchasers of those cattle .   Asylum seekers  will be sent to ..............who knows where ?
The only modus operandi for Greenlabor seems to be to ban things. They have become the  new prohibition group .
Too bad if such simple effective action  stops major economic activity or is so big a hammer it drives innocent people broke . Labor now does what its lobbyists in the green movement want it to leaving reality politics to someone else . Ag supply is a fragile economic supply line,  but greens don't care . Care used to mean consideration for diversity - big hammers don't care so  Labor's credibility is on the line.

Labor leaders clearly get too many of their ideas from the Greens,  but why do they slavishly follow the greens down the dead brick road . Sure its simple and its appeal is obvious.