Monday, March 26, 2012

Queensland election result

Labors loss in OLD is due to a con . Labor thinks it is doing well incorporating green thinking into its policies . The people can see these idealists are kidding themselves . (Professionals could see it years earlier.) Many people don't mind paying for the long term a bit, but they drew the line at a con . Greenlabor is not credible on conservation . Neither the old or the new reactionaries can identify the problems SO how in the world do they get away with giving money away in each Shire panel;  to solve problems no one on the production ecology site sees -
If you don't believe the ABC ( why would you) ask a high percentage of rural Australians.
Better still -- If your don't believe me,  ask a Green what Shires should spend our money on - that would make interesting television or radio ! When we see it , we will watch the ABC again .SBS are much less predictable and more interesting .