Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Greens show their true colour

Black (QandA Sunday ABC )

Finally, by doing deals with the Liberal party, the Greens show what they really care about. The Greens are about keeping their power; Clearly, they will keep talking in the same old same old nigglingly ignorant way as if only they, the Greens, care about the environment.  

If these self-referencing non experts were serious about environment, they would have called for internships for graduates to study it properly.  Instead of breeding the competence they need to prevent another GreenLabor agreement fiasco,  they just keep running their own talk fests and esoteric demands.
 If the Greens were serious about the environment,  they would be seen to be practical ( they have done nothing to improve this) ; they would have called for less red tape and niggling nonsense by Councils by making sure they had the skills to make,  not avoid,  complex decisions .( huge growing problem)
 If they were serious, and even remotely practical, they would at least talk about gas and nuclear instead of, like Labor, spend all our money on a dumb false hope that more renewables will provide heat for our toasters in the morning. Bit like they all thought we would should one day expect to drink desalinated water
As their power is based on fear, there is no way they can afford to have a proper debate about all the very serious issues they worry themselves silly about.  

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  1. Clearly Bills mates haven't quite had the divorce they need to be mor credible ; they too just chant the words Climate Change and renewables as if they mean real world solutions in themselves . They may not be TRUMPS but they are talking like him